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Common Australian Visa Refusal Reasons For Thai Applicants


The application process of an Australian visa can be a tedious and long procedure, with a number of requirements to be met in accordance with the Australian immigration rules and regulations. Australian visa refusal is a common issue faced by many Thai applicants. At Key Visa, our years ... Read More
26/05/2017Darren McGarry
What Types Of Australian Visas Can Thais Apply For


There are various visa options open to you if you are a Thai looking to visit or immigrate to Australia. Read on to know more about the various Australian visas that Thais can apply for. There are many reasons why one might want to travel to Australia. Whether going ... Read More
13/03/2017Darren McGarry
Top 5 Reasons Why Thai Students Choose To Study In Australia


Today, many Thai students are making their way overseas for educational pursuits, especially for university studies. There are many countries that Thai students seem to have fondness for, but it is safe to say that Australia particularly stands out as one of the foremost choices. At Key Visa ... Read More
23/02/2017Darren McGarry


So You Want To Take Your Thai Girlfriend To Australia? Here’s what to do ... Read More
21/04/2015Darren McGarry


What type of Visa should we get? The type of visa your Thai Girlfriend will be applying for is largely dependent on her previous travel history and the length of your relationship. The Thai government wants to ensure that your girlfriend is not trying to flee the country and has ... Read More
31/03/2015Darren McGarry


Medical required for taking your child to Australia Australian fiancée and settlement visas can be very difficult without adding salt to the wounds but I would just like to inform you that if you are currently or thinking of applying for your Thai partner, girlfriend or ... Read More
13/11/2014Darren McGarry


Submit your visa at VFS Global - Not the Australian Embassy After years of a change a number of our clients who ... Read More
13/11/2014Darren McGarry


This page is designed to give you tips when applying for an Australian visa for your Thai partner including a tourist visa and also an Australian Migration visa and also it gives you details of unpublished rules that are obtained through experience of dealing with visa ... Read More
13/11/2014Darren McGarry


Australian medical for my Thai wife Full body medicals are now only done predominately after your Thai wife has submitted their application for a partner visa to Australia and this is to ascertain whether your Thai wife has any physical problems that could end up ... Read More
27/10/2014Darren McGarry
contact information


Australian and UK visa contact information Some people like to disagree but after 14 years of experience the most important part of a visa application to Australia or the UK is the ... Read More
21/10/2014Darren McGarry

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