The application process of an Australian visa can be a tedious and long procedure, with a number of requirements to be met in accordance with the Australian immigration rules and regulations. Australian visa refusal is a common issue faced by many Thai applicants. At Key Visa, our years of experience and industry expertise can help Thai citizens effectively avoid Australian visa refusals or rectify failed attempts. Here are the most common reasons why your visa has been turned down:

Erroneous Application

A total of 140 visa types exist in Australia, and each of them are tailored for specific conditions for the applicant to achieve long stay status in Australia. Choosing the right type of visa can be tricky, if you aren’t taking any advice from an expert visa agency in Thailand. You may find enough resources online to help you out, but there’s a good chance of misreading the facts and ending up with wrong type of visa application. The complex migration laws have a binding effect upon who all can secure a safe entry to Australia, and this is why you should always seek for expert advice.

Suspicious Information

In any part of the world, the visa process is scrutinised in the most detailed manner possible. Any sort of inconsistent information that can lead to suspicion that the applicant is not entirely honest may result in rejection. Misleading or false details do not only end your chances of getting a visa, but can also land you in legal troubles. Hence, proper care must be taken while applying for the forms accurately and carefully.

Failing To Meet Financial Requirements

Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world, with top ranking sophisticated cities like Melbourne and Sydney. You can definitely expect the immigration department to take note of foreign visitors on whether they have the financial capacity to fund their stay in the country. Also, the Australian authorities are also wary of non-work visa applicants who may be thinking of working in Australia illegally. If you do not meet the stipulated rules, your application is likely to face rejection.

However, this totally depends upon the type of visa you are applying for, and the subcategory under which it falls. If you are applying for a student visa, you need to furnish details of your accommodation costs and whether you can bear it. Typical requirement is around 18,610 Australian Dollars. For working holiday applicants, you must have access to at least 5000 AUD in your account. For specific migration visa and investor retirement visa, you need to furnish assets and liabilities of a greater value. Whatever be the type of application, it’s important to be financially adept even before planning to visit Australia as a Thai citizen.

Sponsoring Goes Wrong

In case the sponsor fails to meet necessary requirements, your visa can be rejected depending upon the type of application. If you wish to sponsor your fiancé, spouse or any family member, be sure to furnish authentic proof of Australian citizenship or permanent resident of Australia. If you wish to marry the applicant, come up with strong evidence, and make sure they are older than 18.

There’s a different set of criteria for skilled employees, and employers wishing to sponsor them have to use the subclass 457 visa program. They must agree to an exact number of nominated workers, prove themselves as legal operating business, have no negative details associated to their business and meet training requirements. Visa process for skilled workers is a complicated one, and this is why sponsors should save their time by taking expert assistance to simplify the process.

Medical and Character Certificates

Poor fitness and character can hinder your chances of getting an Australian Visa. This generally requires the applicant to be clean of any criminal record, with no relation to any individual involved in criminal activities.  You should not be at a potential risk of involving yourself in any criminal affair. On the other hand, fitness requirements typically vary from one visa type to the other. If you are going for work, you may also need to undergo medical test in order to be declared fit for working.

If you don’t want a bad name for yourself in the Australian immigration department, one thing that you should keep in mind is to get it right, the very first time with Key Visa Thailand. Re-applying will not only waste your money, but also time, in addition to all the frustration and headaches. Too many rejections may also completely hamper your chances of securing an entry to the Land Down Under. Get in touch with expert visa agents like us at Key Visa, and save yourself the trouble of ending up with an Australian visa refusal!