UK Settlement visa Court Judgement

As we are all aware as from July 2012 the UK border agency brought in the new financial rules which now makes obtaining a UK settlement visa for your Thai spouse or Thai partner very difficult as the figures you need to achieve are fairly high which is why many people in the UK who’s applications failed took their appeals to the UK High court where they decided to remove the financial criteria which was followed immediately by an appeal from the UK Home office. The judgement is still under review and we are expecting good news in the future but presently no decision has been made. The exciting part about this appeal is the British Embassies and also the UK Home office are encouraging applicants to apply for a UK Visa even if they do not meet the financial criteria, the applications will then be held back until the ruling has been made, now this is a gamble but after working with these people for many years you get to understand how they think and they would not encourage applicants to spend large amounts of money if they did not think the appeal will eventually be thrown out complete with the ridiculous financial rules that have no human rights attached.