Approximately 3 years ago it was announced that Thai girlfriends or Thai wife’s wishing to apply for a UK fiancée or UK settlement visa would have to take and pass the A1 English exam, which at the time was a daunting task at the beginning for all. The details were very sketchy which is normal, but over a 2 year period it has become more professionally done which makes our task at Key Visa company more manageable. This is because it is us that are dealing with your Thai partner and trying to calm their nerves.

The A1 exam is about speaking, listening, reading and writing so at Key Visa as part of our service we help the Thai applicant through the process and we book them to go for the examination.

We have a professional business relationship with the Vantage testing centre located in Bangkok and they are registered to complete the A1 English tests for the British Embassy in Bangkok.

The exam is completed on a computer with a headset and a microphone and not with an examiner face to face. In our office we have the full process from start to finish for the Thai applicant to read through in English and Thai, and we also have mock tests on CD’s provided by Vantage Siam in Bangkok so they can train themselves for the A1 test. This is free and forms part of our overall professional service.

If a client accepts our services to obtain the UK fiancée or UK settlement visa, then we do not charge any extra costs for preparing and helping your Thai partner through the exam, you only pay the current test fee which is 7,000 Baht so we do not take extra money from the client.

I have listed below hoe the process for the A1 test would work.

  • We have the appointment already booked and when we feel the applicant is ready we take them to Bangkok for the exam and then bring them back to Pattaya or they can go back to their home from Bangkok.
  • The certificate from the test centre would be then sent back to our office which is then added to the clients file.

Please be aware we are no way a training center or a school for teaching as we do not have the accreditation which is why we allow Vantage Siam in Bangkok who are registered by the British Embassy to help your partner through the exam.