It can be very difficult for a Thai person to be issued with a UK Holiday Visa, this is because a UK Holiday is granted only when good evidence has been provided to demonstrate that the Thai person will return to Thailand within the given time on the Visa.

Reasons that you think will help will not help

Work not accepted
Your Thai girlfriend working on the family farm will not be taken as good reason for return to Thailand. This will also be the case if your girlfriend works in a bar. Being out of work will also be detrimental to the visa application.

Having a child or children

Having a child or children will not demonstrate that your Thai girlfriend will return to Thailand. On the contrary, the immigration clearing officer could take the view that your Thai girlfriends main reason for traveling to the UK is for financial reasons, making her a financial migrant.

Having a return ticket to Thailand

It is well known that many people enter the UK with a valid return ticket but disappear and do not return to Thailand and remain living in the UK working in the black-market sending money back to Thailand.

A Financial migrant makes an immense economic contribution to their home country through their constant transfers of money which they earn, this is known as remittances. When the economy is good in the UK a certain amount of migrant workers is good, but 2009 – 2010 the unemployment rate in the UK is on the rise and migrant workers are no longer needed as they were in the beginning of the 21st century.

Sponsor out of work

One of the main requirements of obtaining a UK holiday visa is that your Thai partner will not become a burden on the British state. If not enough savings or income is documented and presented with the application then the visa can easily be refused.