A UK Family visit visa is another name for a UK tourist visa but this visa is designed for Thai family members to visit a Thai National firmly settled in the UK. It means predominately that the visa should be used for visit purposes only. The Thai family member applying for the visa should be a close relative including parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters. The Thai National living and settled in the UK should have a valid long stay visa, be it a UK Settlement visa or a UK residence permit. The visa is given only for a 6 months stay and should not be abused or it could cause problems for your Thai partner living in the UK.

The application process for a UK family visa is the same as a standard Thai tourist visa but with more questions to answer and can be more difficult to obtain. It is applied for online in the same way as the UK tourist visa.

The UK Family visa previously had a full right of appeal meaning if the visa was refused for any reason you could appeal to the Embassies better judgment and get the decision overturned, but as from June 2013 there is no right of appeal so if you get a refusal then you just have to reapply and address the reasons for the refusal.

With all UK Visas we can offer professional help and advice and make sure the visa application is in a position to be accepted so; think of a visa think of Key Visa.

Below we have given the service offered and also the procedure we take when applying for a UK family visit visa.


Our service offered for a UK tourist visa for your Thai partners family member

  • We first start by advising the sponsor and the Thai applicant of the documents required on the telephone or by e-mail or fax
  • We have English staff to deal with the sponsor and Thai staff to deal with your partners family member which is important
  • When the documents are received we collate and do the translations that are needed for the British Embassy in Bangkok
  • We advise if we feel any documents are missing or if there is anything that needs amending to make it as strong as possible
  • We prepare the online application for the client with no mistakes
  • We write all associated letters for you and your Thai partners family member as we know the wording will be correct
  • We book the appointment in Bangkok to submit the visa application with your Thai partners family member
  • We make sure that your Thai partners family member says the correct information to the Officers which is important to get the correct result
  • We then get a tracking number and check the status of the application every day
  • When the decision has been made on the visa application we then will collect the application and passport and visa on behalf of your Thai partners family from the Embassy in Bangkok
  • We then advise you when the visa has been issued and what to do next
  • We train your partner’s family also how to be polite and say the correct information to the Immigration in the UK when the documents and passport have been collected or we can post to your Thai partner’s family home if they so wish and do not want to travel to Pattaya.


For a 6 months UK tourist visa our total fee for all of the above is 30,000 Thai baht and included in our fee is all costings incurred during the visa application fee including Embassy fees, translations etc. and no increase in the quoted price.

Our company policy is you only pay a5,000 baht deposit to start the process and then no more money until the visa has been awarded so there is no financial risk to you or your partner as stated on our home page. So when the visa has been awarded you pay the 25,000 baht remaining. So for us No visa No pay.

Think of a visa then think of Key Visa