visaIn the UK the Royal Thai Embassy is based in London. The nearest underground stations are Gloucester Road and South Kensington which are only a short walk to the entrance of the Embassy. For Thai expats living in the UK there is also an online map showing exactly where the Embassy is located. The Royal Thai Embassy provides a number of visa related services such as:-

    1. Obtaining a Thai passport if it has been lost, stolen or damaged. E-passport application services are available online in Thai as well as English. When applying for a replacement passport you must provide a certificate of identity which will result in a temporary passport being granted while a full passport is being processed.


    1. Thai National ID cards. When making an application for a lost, stolen or damaged Thai passport, as part of the application process, you’ll have to forward your Thai National ID card. If your card has been lost or destroyed a National ID card online reservation form will have to be completed. Official documents with your photograph are also required such as a driving licence, certification for passport. If you need a National ID name or address change, you will have to submit your old card as proof of identity.


    1. Registration. Visa applications may change from time to time due to marriage, divorce or the birth of a child. The Royal Thai Embassy in London provides Thai expats with the opportunity to complete an online registration form or make arrangements for a one to one consultation. There are also online English versions concerning registering a marriage or divorce and registering a birth in order to obtain a Thai birth certificate. If someone has died, the Thai Embassy can also be contacted concerning registering a death in order to obtain the relevant Thai death certificate.


    1. Translation service. If you don’t have a full understanding of the English language when making enquiries about visa related services, then a private Thai translation service is available via the Royal Thai Embassy in London.


    1. Police clearance certificate. As part of your visa related application you may require a police clearance certificate from the Royal Thai police. This can be requested from the Royal Thai Embassy along with all other visa enquiries for Thai expats living in or visiting the UK.