To ensure that a UK visa application will be successful, you and your Thai girlfriend must satisfy the embassy on the following matters.

  1. That you are in a real relationship
  2. That Your Thai girlfriend is not being trafficked for the reason of working illegally
  3. That Your Thai girlfriend partner will be safe while visiting you
  4. That Your Thai girlfriend will not be a burden on the state
  5. That Your Thai girlfriend can return at any time to Thailand
  6. That Your Thai girlfriend will return within the time given on the visa application

Part of our service is to satisfy the embassy on all 6 concerns that they have.

  1. We give both you and Your Thai girlfriend a complete list of documents that will be needed
  2. We check every document to ensure there is no information that will jeopardise the visa
  3. We make sure that you do not make any mistakes by ensuring you understand what is required and what the embassy will not accept
  4. We tell you what is missing from the application and what steps you need to take to fill the gaps
  5. We write your sponsor ship letter
  6. We collate and build a complete visa application
  7. We will arrange to take Your Thai girlfriend to Bangkok to have their biometric information taken
  8. We make the visa application on your behalf
  9. We track the application
  10. We collect the passport and arrange for Your Thai girlfriend to collect the passport with the visa already issued

What you need to do

  1. Start getting together as many of the documents and information that we have asked for
  2. Follow our instructions on what you should be doing to

Ensure that a UK visa application will be successful and your Thai girlfriend will be with you in the UK