A percentage of visa applications made at the British embassy in Bangkok result with the applicant being called into the office for an interview. This only happens if the visa is a borderline case and the clearing officer cannot decide to grant or refuse the application.

The purpose of the interview is for the clearing officer to get a better understanding of the Thai national, their circumstances and reasons for applying for a visa to travel to the UK.
Most Thai girls would never have been interviewed in this capacity before and will find the whole situation very frightening. Some questions they may not understand what is being asked or even the full meaning of the question.

The answers given during this UK immigration interview will determine whether the visa will be granted or refused. It will be easy for a Thai girl to get confused because of the language barrier and then come across as if they do not know much at all about the UK sponsor. This would then bring the visa officer to the conclusion that there is not a real relationship between the Thai national and UK sponsor. This happens all of the time.

The UK Visa interview

When a Thai girl is called for an interview and as a result is refused the UK visa, many of the UK boyfriends contact the embassy to express that they are not happy with the outcome and ask why they were not interviewed as well as the girlfriend. They feel that they have been hard done by as they did not get an opportunity to talk to the visa officer.

The simple fact of this situation is, the visa officer will only interview the person applying for the visa, as the visa is for them to travel and enter the UK. The UK boyfriend is a sponsor and has no reason to be called to interview.

The best situation is to avoid an interview and this can be achieved by making a solid application that is laid out in a way that the visa officer understands. Get the application right and there will be no reason for a UK Visa interview.