The 2014 New Driving Test In Thailand Is Sparking Debate


driveAs most people would tell you bluntly that the previous driving license test is a joke since it is very easy to obtain, the tide has turned now with a new enforcement of the driving test in Thailand. The locals and foreigners alike have used to pass the test easily because of the basic level of testing and lax test questions in the previous Thai license driving test. Find out what has changed in this new driving test!

Step 1: Vision test

This is self explanatory as to why you need to have a vision test. It is mainly to ascertain that you are medically fit vision-wise to drive on the roads. This test will also check for colour blindness.

Step 2: Theory test

Previously, this test features 30 multiple-choice questions and only requires you to get 75% of them correct. Many people have laughed at the relative ease of passing this test and guess what, the new test comes back bigger and bolder to deter those who have belittled it. As of 1st of June 2014, the Thai driving theory test features 50 multiple-choice questions and you have to get 90% accuracy in order to pass this test. Note that if you have studied for it, this is not hard to accomplish. For most people, they were mainly lamenting on the sudden difference in the previous test and this new one.

Step 3: Watch a video

You would have to watch a video that emphasises on road safety which lasts around 30 minutes. For expats, the video is available in English so you do not have to worry about a language barrier.

driving testStep 4: Driving test

In other countries, a driving test would consist of driving on the actual roads but in Thailand, you are only required to show your road driving skills in a cordoned off area that features obstacles for you to navigate around. It is a fairly simple test that tests your ability to reverse, to stop at stop lines, do parallel parking and so on.

Getting your Thai license

You will acquire a Thai driving license in green colour (considered a temporary license) if you have successfully passed the entire test which is valid for one year. After that one year, you are able to apply for a 5-year license which is in pink colour with no further tests involved.

Social implications of the new driving test

Although a lot of test takers, both locals and foreigners, are stunned by the increased difficulty of the new test (theory test as the main culprit), many have celebrated this news because this would only mean that the road safety on Thai roads will be enhanced. With drivers coming out on the roads with a harder-to-obtain license in Thailand as a land troubled by lots of road accidents, we can be sure that there would be improvement in the driving skills – or so we hope!