What Reasons can be used for UK Visa refusal

Do you require a visa for your Thai partner to travel to the UK

There are many reasons for a UK visa refusal, The visa officer at the British embassy Bangkok has to be certain that the relationship between the Thai partner and British sponsor is real and an ongoing relationship. Other reasons include being certain that there is enough money to provide for the Thai applicant whilst in the UK which is why bank account statements have to be shown and most importantly that the Thai citizen will return to Thailand within the Visa set time and showing a genuine relationship shows a genuine applicant which gives the Embassy clearing officer that your Thai partner will return after their holiday in the UK. If the visa officer is not 100% certain about any of these and other issues, then the Visa will be refused. That is why it is important to use the services of a Visa company including Key Visa Company www.keyvisathailand.com

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The main reasons a visa application is refused is because

  • Lack of documentation
  • Lack of proof of the relationship
  • Finances not strong enough to cover the holiday or settlement to the UK
  • Previous Immigration history
  • Unfinished application form
  • Your  Thai partner saying the wrong things to the Embassy officers

The above is a small amount of reasons and an example why you could be refused so why would you not consider using a professional company like Key Visa.

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