Expat kids may go through emotional stress that is triggered after they undergo an emotional and physical change such as a relocation overseas. After an international move, some kids from age 10 to 15 may experience a difficulty in adapting to their new environment and if not well handled, parents will not be able to make the most of their time in the new country. One way to help an expat child adapt to a new life in Thailand is by enrolling them in an international school where many expat children are studying at. If you are planning a move to Thailand and looking for one of the best international schools in Thailand for expat kids, here are some of the most prominent educational institutions you can consider:

KIS International School, Bangkok

KIS International School, Bangkok, centrally located in Bangkok, is an IB World School exclusively offering the International Baccalaureate programmes. Students at KIS can pursue a continuum of IB education right from the start through the following programmes:

The Primary Years Program for ages 3- 11 years
The Middle Years Program for ages 11-16 years
The IB Diploma Program for ages 16-18 years

KIS is a collaborative community of about 700 students and 54 nationalities. Its dedicated teachers and supportive parents work together to attain student success. We proudly reflect on how far we have come since the school’s inception in 1998, staying focused on our mission to deliver an academically challenging curriculum through the continued growth of the IB programmes.

KIS is recognized as a quality educational establishment with high academic standards as evidenced by the following accreditation, authorization and affiliation achievements:

Accredited by the Council of International Schools
Fully authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization in all 3 programmes
KIS International School is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and is an active member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT). KIS is a well-established member of AISAA (Asia International Schools Athletics Association), which participates with many other international schools in Bangkok in a range of sports and cultural activities provided by the organization.

On 23rd May 2017, an article on the best IB International Baccalaureate Schools and their principles was published by Newsweek: International Baccalaureate – Setting the Standard in Excellence.

Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok

The Shrewsbury International School is set on a 20-acre campus located on the banks of Bangkok’s main river and started as a franchise in 2002. The school has a serene and magnificent setting which provides a cool and relaxed environment for students. This school is one of the best for expat kids since it follows the English national curriculum, international GCSE, and also local adaptations.

Students have to undergo through an IQ, math and English test before admission. All students seeking to join from prep school to senior section need to take this test to demonstrate their academic promise to progress. The school insists on giving equal importance in nurturing students’ qualities, and gives creative arts and sports a similar priority as much as their academic programs. They have a dedicated team of hardworking teaching staff who work hand in in hand with the parents to ensure students adapt to the local environment and excel in their studies.

NIST International School, Bangkok

The NIST International School was established in 1992 in the heart of Bangkok’s business district. The school is popular for its state of the art facilities which are encompassed in ten buildings which hold over 90 classrooms. The school has continued to grow over the years and it manly focuses on creating a family-like atmosphere so that the students can have a relaxed learning environment. They enroll kids from the ages of 3 to 18 and they seek to inspire growth through curriculums that empower kids for well-rounded development.

The NIST International School has a set of values that bring together a combined effort from teachers, parents and students to ensure that kids feel the sense of purpose, inspiration and structure. The enrichment and academic programs offered at the school help children to learn, cope and adapt easily as they prepare them for a bright future.

The Regent’s School, Pattaya

This international school was founded in 1995 and hosts more than 1000 pupils. The school is very popular and 18% of kids in the school are Britons. The school has a boarding house for parents looking for this option. The school follows a strict English national curriculum and also offers international GCSE courses for kids in the secondary level. They supplement the curriculum by offering Thai culture and language classes for students who would be interested.

The Regent’s School has an outstanding performance track record which sees 28% of the students scoring A’s.  The variety of learning experiences at the school allows students to thrive and allows them to be the best in what they want to achieve in life. The school’s tuition is high but most parents agree that when compared to what their kids can achieve, it is worth every dime.

Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok

This is one of the oldest and largest British schools in Thailand. The school was founded in 1957 and continues to retain a strong academic success over the years. This school is specifically designed to cater for British expats and limits Thai students to 20% of the total students. They offer an English national curriculum and older students take International Baccalaureate and GCSE courses.

The school is equipped with great facilities and has different programs that ensure students get a balanced learning environment. They use the latest technology to ensure their student get quality education. They believe in nurturing students’ talents from a tender age to ensure they become the best in any field they wish to be in; may it be academics, sports or arts.

Wells International School (WIS), Bangkok

Wells International School has multiple campuses around Bangkok. It is a member of the International Schools association of Thailand and one of the few international schools known for their exceptional performances in major examinations.

The school has a loving and friendly environment which allows expat children to adapt faster to their new environment without stress and difficulty. It is one of the few international schools that offer affordable tuition for international students, therefore allowing more children from different backgrounds to enroll in the school. The curriculum embraces both the holistic and academic culture with teachers working hand in hand with students and parents.

If your child has yet to arrive in Thailand, remember that he or she will need a proper visa before you can enroll your child in an international school. To get a long stay Thai visa for expat children, contact Key Visa Thailand to make the arrangements so that you can ensure a stress-free visa application process.