The concept of saving face and maintaining face is extremely important to Thais and it’s something that you don’t want to ever disturb. Losing face can occur by simply telling the truth to the Thai person or behind their back


Thais Losing Face

  • Never shout at your girlfriend
  • Never criticise her in front of others
  • Never speak about her in a negative way to her friends or family behind her back

If your girlfriend breaks, damages or misuses any item in your home, do not shout at her.

If she gives you information that you do not like, i.e something costs money, something is broken, do not shout at her

By shouting at her, your girlfriend will feel as she has lost face, the end result of this is she will not tell you bad news again or get in the same situation again. She will also see you as the bad person

When your relationship reaches problems always speak calmly and explain why you are unhappy with this situation and then explain or demonstrate the way to do it.

No matter what situation, never shout at your Thai girlfriend