Is getting legally married in Thailand to a Thai National recognized under Australian law? and the answer to the question is “YES” and it should not let you think that because most things in Thailand can seem a little wayward that getting legally married here in Thailand would not be recognized in Australia or any Country around the World. In some cases in the past I have witnessed people getting married twice because they feel it is not real it is just paper recognized only by the Thai which is a huge mistake as getting married in Thailand is as legal as getting married in Australia the certificates may look different but they are definitely 100% real.

To get vlegally married to a Thai National for an Australia Citizen needs patience and an understanding of how the documents should be prepared and at Key Visa we have for many years offered a hassle free marriage service for most nationalities including many Australian clients.

The process is started with your original passport and a copy of your Thai partners identification card and also an English translation of where they live in Thailand, you then take these documents including your original passport to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok who will in turn provide you with an affirmation of freedom to marry meaning you are single and free to marry.

When this has been obtained the next job is to have it certified and translated in to Thai language and then take it to the Thai Ministry of foreign affairs who will stamp the document to say it is correct and the Consular’s signature from the Embassy is correct, once this is completed you can take this document to any town hall or Amphur in Thailand and then get legally married to your new Thai wife.

You will be issued with two marriage certificates which is one for you as an Australian Citizen and one for your Thai wife which we always then advise clients to get the certificates translated in to English as you may need the documents translating in the future for visa applications to Australia or for business you need to complete in Thailand.

The marriage certificate is very colorful and has the Thai Garuda on the top which bis the Thai seal to say that is is legal and binding so make sure that you are free to marry and also that you understand the documents needed and what is required of you and the procedure.

You can also read on this website under legal marriathai marriagege services showing how we proceed or send an e-mail to [email protected]