It has been fairly well known in Thailand that Key Visa Thailand has been obtaining income verification letters for British Nationals living in Thailand for 1 year this month which all came to fruition when Key Visa took the initiative to confirm with the British Embassy in Bangkok that it was feasible as an agent to work on a clients behalf which we have been doing every week now for nearly 1 full year with much success and a huge amount of satisfied British clients.

Our service at Key Visa Thailand saves Brits traveling to Bangkok as we do it for them traveling every Wednesday and collecting the income verification letters for their long stay visas in Thailand on a Friday and this is also with thanks to the wonderful staff at the British Embassy Bangkok. Income verification letters are used to prove your monthly income to help towards showing the 800,000 baht needed for a Thai retirement visa which is important and with only a 300 baht service charge we have become the largest agent for obtaining income letters for Brits and all the details can be found on the website. Income letters for Brit’s made easy.

Fr more info please e-mail [email protected]