Carrying Identification in Thailand is not only the law but could in fact save your life if you was unfortunately involved in an accident. In any foreign Country carrying a copy of your passport and also your Visa stamp is a must and the law because if the Authorities e.g. Thai Police or the Thai Immigration do a spot check they may wish to see that you have a visa to stay in the Kingdom legally. But as we have seen in Thailand previously it is imperative because if you are involved in a major accident and unconscious for any reason they need to see who you are and what Nationality you are, so make sure you always at all times in Thailand carry a copy of your passport and visa. Some hospitals can actually refuse to treat you if no form of identification can be found on your person.

At Key Visa Thailand for many years we have done a credit sized copy of your passport in color which fits nicely in your wallet or purse and it has your details on the front and visa on the back we also laminate the copy so it cannot get water damaged as people do forget and jump in swimming pools with the copy.

The cost of this service is only 150 Thai baht and it could save your life so bring your passport to the office and it takes only 10 minutes. Below is a sample