If your Thai girlfriend – Thai wife has applied for a visa and been refused, if you choose to reapply do not change the visa type.

For instance if your girlfriend has applied for a Tourist Visa and the immigration clearing officer has refused the visa, do not make a fresh application for a Fiancee or Settlement visa. The next application should be a Tourist visa.

Build a fresh Visa application

The only way to correct this situation is to read the reasons for the visa refusal, the clearing officer will put what ever reasons they have in writing and try to build a fresh Visa application.

In some cases when the visa has been refused there is nothing that can be done to correct it and obtain a visa. Some information provided to the embassy at the time of the application cannot be altered at a later date.

Men Visit our office and we give them advice about getting a visa for their Thai partner. On occasions they say – “We will make the visa application ourselves and if we have a problem will come and see you.” We do not take on all visa refusals.