Today I received an email enquiry from a UK man who has been in a relationship with his Thai girlfriend for 18 months.

I called him to ask some questions to get a better idea of the relationship he has and also to work out if he will be able to get a visa for his girlfriend to come back to the UK.

He has known his girlfriend for 18 months. He met her while he was on his second holiday to Thailand and return to see her 3 more times. He explained that last year she came to the UK. I asked who had been the sponsor and he explained that she had been invited to stay in the UK from a Thai friend. Her Thai friend is married to and English man and he was the sponsor.

While she was in the UK she visited him for three days as the rest of the time she stayed with her friend in a different city.

From experience I can tell you that so far the story doesn’t add up. The British embassy do not allow standard friends, or husbands of friends to sponsor other Thai people. Unless his girlfriend is wealthy, which he confirmed she is not, another man has sponsored her to visit the UK. The British embassy would have needed evidence to suggest that they are in a real relationship.

the Thai girlfriend has at least two British boyfriends

So my conclusion is, the Thai girlfriend has at least two British boyfriends. Both that send money to her when she is in Thailand, both that call her every day and email her every day. While she was in the UK she came up with a story to tell the boyfriend that had sponsored her she had family to visit in a different city and the traveled to see the second boyfriend.

I didn’t explain what I thought on the phone, as you will understand people do not like being told.

A Thai bar girl on the take

Even though the second boyfriend would make an ideal sponsor and can demonstrate he is in a relationship with the Thai girl, the British embassy will turn down the application. The reason for this is when the embassy go over her details, they will see she has visited the UK within the last year, with the help of a different sponsor. To the embassy she will look exactly what she is. A Thai bar girl on the take.