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Hi Key Visa
I met my wife on a dating site over 2 years ago. We been chatting on msn messenger, mail and skype. We met first time in 2010 in Thailand where I stayed for 10 days

I married my Thai wife on December 8th 2011. She lodged a settlement visa application start of April 2012 which was refused on the 20th of May.

I am a Pensioner with a monthly income of about £900. I am a Leaseholder of a 2 bed Flat in London in which I have lived for 30 years.
I am 72 years of age, fit and healthy.

I have in mind to apply afresh with a new application, can you tell me about your service and fee.
I have been recommended by a friend and am a UK citizen.

You must have an income of at least £18600 a year

Hi Mark

From the 9th July this year, the UK government is changing the requirement for a sponsor. The new requirements state that to be a sponsor of a Thai to come to the UK on a settlement (spouse) visa, you must have an income of at least £18600 a year. From the information you have provided your income does not meet this threshold.

For this reason an application made after the 9th July 2013 will be refused.

Depending on the reason for refusal, it might be possible to reapply before this deadline, however my first thoughts are as it is the 13th June today we only have a small window to get a complete application ready and into the embassy.

If you have only visited your Thai wife one or two times, you would need to come back to visit her again, which would not allow enough time to apply for the visa before the new changes come into effect on the 9th July.

Earlier in 2011 the UK government introduced another immigration law making it impossible to bring a wife back to the UK under the age of 21, however within a few months the British Courts over turned the rule and now that restriction has been lifted.

I guess the same could happen with this new ruling. All it would take for that to happen is a family to be separated because of the husband’s income level and a UK court to rule it as unlawful.

I am sorry to be the one to break this news to you,

Kind regards