There are many reasons why people say that life in Thailand is good. One has access to fast Internet, the healthcare is world class, there are air-conditioned shopping centers, you can easily pick up tasty meals for a couple of dollars, and more. If you are planning to stay in Thailand, you get a chance to ditch the stress of life back home and the usual expenses. You will be able to embrace the excitement of an exotic locale without giving up any of your creature comforts. If you are planning to make the Land of Smiles your second home, here’s why you should consider applying for a long stay visa in Thailand in 2018.

Easy to Settle Down

Thailand’s expat community has a stellar track record of being exceptionally open-hearted. The community has played a key role in helping expats, who are on a long stay, get settled and find their way around. All you need to do is to make a little effort to fit in and achieve a basic understanding of the Thai language and culture. These things go a long way!

Seamless Visa Acquisition

One of the visas foreigners can apply for is the retirement visa. These visas are available to foreigners who have reached the age of 50 and above. They are valid for a 12-month period and can be renewed without having to leave the country. For American retirees, this makes living in Thailand extremely easy. What’s more, it is not hard to qualify for a retirement visa. Your bank account just needs to have a minimum of $23,000. Or you can show proof that you have an income of approximately $1,800.

Quality Healthcare

Let’s say you are planning to stay in Hua Hin, and quality healthcare is non-negotiable to you and/or your spouse. Do note that the location you have chosen is home to two international standard hospitals that offer modern medical services. There is also a string of local medical clinics that are extremely cost-effective. You can also easily apply for medical insurance.

Stability and Overall Safety

Many expats still find living in Thailand relatively safe. Although there is some political unrest from time to time, the government continues to push the overall well-being of its people forward. Tourism, economic growth, and stability are never neglected.

Affordable Cost of Living

In Thailand, you can buy a comfortable home at a fraction of a cost. Utilities are often affordable and you do not have to spend loads of money on groceries. Even if you need to eat out several times a week, you will still find the costs much more manageable than when you were back home.

The Locals – Khon Thai

Locals are often well-mannered, funny, soft spoken, friendly, and warm. As they are always smiling, it is easy to see why Thailand is often referred to as “The Land of Smiles.” What’s more, the local population has no issue with the presence of foreigners. They are used to it and that is why you will never feel out of place. In Thailand, there is a low language barrier. Many Thais also speak English well.

A Foodie’s Haven

Need we say more? If you love spicy food and enjoy dining at Thai restaurants back home, you are going to love Thailand, in terms of the food choices they have to offer. If Thai food isn’t your cup of tea, not to worry. The country still offers comfort food that suits a Westerner’s palate. Many local stores offer peanut butter, American wine, cheese, and more. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of eateries, which offer sandwiches, pizza, Indian curry, Japanese sushi, and etc.

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