There are a number of robust and compelling reasons why you should consider using a Visa company to process your Thai partner’s visa application form.


Even if you are a very capable person familiar with bureaucracy and able to process paperwork and overcome administration hurdles, there’s a considerable amount of authority that comes from using a Visa Company.

It shows that the applicant takes things seriously. It reveals that the applicant has a propensity to avoid mistakes through use of professional services. It also points towards the Thai having a partner who isn’t averse to investing in the use of professional services, to secure the best chance of a visa approval.

Credibility is like saving face in Thailand. You only get one chance to make a first impression and the use of a Visa Company is the best you can secure for yourself and your Thai partner. It’s also more respectable than doing it yourself to use a Visa Company.


Processing applications is a time consuming affair and we’ve all made the mistake of filling out a form incorrectly, only to learn that it has impeded the process, or even led to a rejection. At best it slows the process down and the business of securing a visa usually has personal deadlines involved such as travel tickets, seasonal issues, flight costs, family events and deadlines to meet. Don’t leave your visa application to chance. Use a professional service to secure the quickest outcome.


There’s no substitute for experience. Most people applying for a Thai partner’s visa are doing it for the first time, and it can be a bewildering experience. The language used in visa applications has to be deliberately pedantic in order to delineate between different types of application. Using a Visa Company overcomes this hurdle, and also helps you navigate the shortcuts and acceptable forms of information, that are not always self-evident when filling out forms on your own. A Visa company has thousands of hours of experience of dealing with all the unexpected issues that a first time applicant cannot be expected to anticipate.


We’ve all got a thousand things to do these days and a hectic and busy lifestyle often leads to small errors that can compound themselves later. Why not unleash the burden of getting a visa application right the first time round by using a professional Visa Service? Everybody likes and deserves an easier life and by using a Visa company you get all the convenience, with the professionalism of doing it right with experienced people.