No Visa – No Fee No Conditions.

With a proven track record and 10 years experience as immigration consultants we have succeeded were many have failed which is due to our professionalism and our personal touch with all our clients we are the largest visa consulting company in Pattaya with three large offices and 20 members of staff all trained in Thailand’s BE2252 immigration law and human rights law.

Wwe are very well known for our honesty and our European way of running a business and our English speaking staff take away the language barrier that you face when trying to deal with other offices we always try to understand the sponsors feelings if they are overseas and take away there frustrations by being in constant contact and advising the status of the application our Thai members of staff have a very important role in the process there sole responsibility is to make sure that the Thai applicant is babysat through the whole process making the full application go smoothly and professionally from start to finish.

Our constant keeping up with visa changes and policy is regarded as second to none which is why we are the official visa advisors for the Pattaya Expats club and the Scandinavian Expats club attending weekly meetings giving free advice on staying legal in Thailand.

We also write articles on a weekly basis for two local newspapers keeping the expat community in Pattaya up to date and very clear on the Thailand visa structure. We believe at Key visa that honesty and integrity and keeping a good personal relationship with the customer is the key to a successful business and our motivation with any client is when we give back the passport with the visa inside knowing we have fulfilled our obligation and word of mouth is always the best form of advertising.