I am British citizen living here in Thailand with my Thai wife.

I have several successful businesses in the UK so I could easily sponsor my wife financially. She has had 2 tourist visas already without any problems.

The next couple of years I will be spending more time in the UK and want to apply for a longer visa. I have lived in Thailand for 5 years and we have been together 4 of those.

These are my questions:

  • Can we apply for a 2 year tourist visa or more?
  • My wife wants to study is that a visa option?

I am a non resident of the UK and will continue to have Thailand as my main home so we will not be settling in the UK full time.

My wife is the Director of a couple of companies here and she owns a lot of land/assets worth millions of Baht.

Please can help us and let us know what our visa options are?

Thanks & regards,


Answer Which visa is best for my Thai wife?

The UK at this time does not offer entry into the UK on a 2 year tourist visa. The UK tourist visa is issued as a single entry visa. Meaning that when your wife leaves the UK, regardless of the amount of time showing on the visa, she would not be able to travel to the UK on that visa and would need to reapply for a new UK Tourist visa

Getting a student visa in most cases is more difficult and costly, firstly your wife will have to find a college or university that has a place for her, then an amount of money needs to be in place to show your wife will be able to support herself including accommodation, pay for the education cost etc

I suggest applying for a UK settlement visa for your Thai wife

In your situation I suggest applying for a UK settlement visa. As you are married and your wife has visited the UK with you previously, this would seem the must likely choice.

A UK settlement visa will give your Thai wife the freedom to travel to and from the UK

A UK settlement visa will give your Thai wife the freedom to travel to and from the UK for two years. The only problem I can see is renewing the UK settlement visa at the end of the two years. The UK immigration department normally will not renew a UK settlement visa if the Thai national has spent more time out of the UK during the visa period.

We will be able to help you obtain a Settlement visa for your wife, the next step would be for us to talk on the phone, do you have a telephone number that I can reach you on.