An important part of any visa application is showing that you are in a real relationship. The immigration clearing officer needs to be satisfied that you have met on enough occasions so they feel it is safe to issue the visa.

Hotels and Accommodation

When you check into any hotel or guesthouse, check in under both you and your partners name. Get a receipt when you check out and make sure both names are on the receipts. If you are staying at an apartment that does not give a receipt, check into a cheap hotel, even if you do not stay.

Take photos Daily

This is very important; you need photos on many different days and different locations. 100 photos sitting on the beach is no good. Though photos at a Temple, a restaurant, a shopping center all help. Take many photos in different locations, wearing different cloths every time you visit Thailand.

If you have no photos of you and your Thai partner, you will NEVER be granted a visa

Keep Tickets

If you go to the cinema, concert or any event and you are issued tickets, keep them. This also applies for bus, train and transport tickets.


This is not necessary though if possible we strongly recommend that you travel with your partner via air travel. Places you can fly to which are not expensive include

  • Krabi
  • Puckhet
  • Koh Samui
  • Singapore

Keep the booking ticket and boarding passes.

Visit the Family

You will find it a great experience traveling to North Thailand; it is so different to the tourist resorts of Pattaya and Bangkok etc. Photos of you meeting the parents and family will make a great added extra to the application.