The vast majority of visitors, or foreigners who have chosen to live in Thailand have no problem whatsoever in terms of breaking Thai laws.

However, you would be wise to understand the steps that should be taken if you do get into trouble with the authorities here.

Let’s look at the situation in terms of permanent residents and those who are on holiday.

Permanent residents

If you have chosen to live, work, or retire in Thailand you would be well advised to recruit the services of a professional law firm.

The reason for saying this is; you should never say never!

While you are not looking to get into trouble with the authorities here you do not know what is around the corner.

If you have the services of a good Thai lawyer available this will go a long way to helping get any such problems resolved quickly.

Unless you speak and fully understand the Thai culture, language, and laws you need the assistance of someone who is Thai.

This is because they will fully understand the Kingdoms intricate culture and laws inside out.

As a rule of thumb you will not pay such law firms a retainer.

You will only pay for services rendered.

This means that although you will have an emergency contact available you will only pay as and when you require their services.


If you are a tourist visiting Thailand it is important you abide by the Kingdom’s laws.

You should take some time out before travelling to understand what is acceptable and what is not.

As in every country ignorance is no excuse when it comes to breaking the local laws.

Here are two things you should most definitely avoid;

Causing trouble

If you get into a fight or damage property you will be arrested.

Unless things can be resolved quickly you will spend some time in jail.

If you are found to be responsible for such actions you will also face a fine which is payable immediately, or spend time in jail while your case goes to court.


This is a definite “no-no”. If you have any dealings whatsoever with drugs and you are caught you will have to pay a heavy fine, and there is a good possibility you will serve a jail sentence.

If you find yourself in trouble

If you are in a tourist location the first steps will be that a member of the tourist police will explain your situation, and what happens from there.

You should also be given access to a Thai lawyer to help resolve your problems.

Remember, this will cost you money.

Closing thought

As long as you are sensible and avoid trouble during your time in Thailand the great likelihood is that trouble will not find you.

So, be aware of the rights and wrongs, and you will have a super time here.