What if we make a mistake on our UK visa application? is a very common question asked by our clients because with the new online system produced by the Home Office in the UK they have made the system for professionals easier to use but for someone not used to the system it could turn in to a nightmare which is why professional help is always recommended.

The website the online visa application to the UK can be found on is visa4uk.com and this website starts to or tries to explain how to apply for a visa for your Thai partner or Thai spouse.
The UK website requires your Thai partner to obtain an e-mail address and then register their details on the website which will set them up with a UK visa application account and a registration code will be sent to your Thai partners e-mail address.

You then copy the code and paste it into the browser on the same website which will allow you to then access your Thai partners online visa application, you then would tirelessly start to input your Thai partners details making sure no spelling mistakes from your side of the application or your partners.

The details inputted you must try and get them correct because once the UK visa application has been submitted it cannot be changed and can be viewed by the Home Office and also the British Embassy mainly because each application has its own GWF reference number making it individual and no visa applications are the same.

If you do make a mistake on the form that has been submitted online then you print the application and put a line through the mistake write next to it the correct information and make sure your Thai partner signs their name next to the mistake made or the British Embassy officer will take the information submitted on line , they have the option to amend but you do not.

Uk Thai VisaIt should be noted that when you prepare the online visa application you are asked to choose which visa you wish to apply for be it a visit visa or family visit or a UK settlement visa so take care to select the correct one.

Previously making a mistake on the old VAF1A visa application was easy to put right with some correction fluid and a pen but now with the new system it is not so easy and can lead to misery so getting it correct first time is a must and imperative as first impressions do make all the difference, an application with no mistakes looks better than one with plenty.

The official website URL is as follows https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/

Have a browse and consider if you feel confident enough to do it yourself if not contact [email protected]