It can appear alluring to skip the cold weather in Europe and spend the time in the beautiful sunny and warm Thailand, it might even be a better solution when it comes to your finances, as Thailand are cheaper in general compared to Europe, but before you book the next available flight and run off to the airport with your duffel bag, there are a few things that you need to check first.



Without a proper visa your stay in Thailand can be very short and hellish, if you try to extend a regular tourist visa, so you will need to check which is the proper visa for you. This could be a retirement visa where you will need to make sure you are eligible for, the rules do change from time to time, so best is to contact us and let us prepare the check list and help you in the process.


Where to stay?

You probably stayed at a hotel or similar when you were in Thailand on holiday, but if you are staying “Long Term” you will need to find a more suitable accommodation, like a town house or detached villa, but as the housing market is a jungle just like everywhere else, you can sign up for various forums for the area you would like to stay in, like for instance ThaiVisa Hua Hin section, where you can ask fellow countrymen and other foreigner that are staying there already about what is available, price range, recommendation and so on.

Thailand is a friendly country with very friendly people, but it’s very easy to get an overpriced rental contract or an area that is not suitable for your needs, and this is not saying that it’s very expensive, but as the price levels in Thailand are very different from your own country, you might think that you have a good deal just to find you that you are paying much more than everyone else for the same. The same goes with the area, an area can look nice on pictures but turn out to be far out of town with no means of transport to get into the city, or is an area prone to power cuts or other issues that you would rather be without.

A few golden rules to check on any place that you move into are:

  1. Is the area in a secure area with a guard?
  2. Are there other foreigners in the area?
  3. Does anyone on the forums have knowledge of the area and what do they say.
  4. Is there a convenient store, restaurant, transport close by?
  5. What facilities are there in the housing area (Laundry, swimming pool, tennis courts etc.)
  6. Can I get fast internet in the area?


What about all my things back in Europe?

It’s of cause different depending whether you own or rent currently, but there are some shared traits and guidelines that goes for both.

Do you need to store all your furniture while being in Thailand or can someone take care of your home while you are off enjoying the sun and warm weather? You also need to make sure that you have correct access to your accounts, email and that postal services are adjusted so someone will receive your post while you are away.

Setting up bill payments for utilities while you are away, or if you can put some services on a pause as for instance your TV subscription and phone service, since it’s not much fun to have to pay for these if they are not being used.

Do you need or have you made a person in charge of your personal matters while being away? There is nothing more frustrating to have the bank calling you to sign some documents or your account needs a in person to transfer some money and you are not there, and might have to either fly back or eat rice with fish sauce for the next few months.

Also not to forget it will be a good idea to have a registered contact person, so in case something happens while you are in Thailand there is someone to contact back home if needed.

Finally, the last bit you have to remember. Enjoy yourself!

Don’t get caught in “Oh, I have to do this too” but preparing yourself before you arrive in Thailand, that way you can relax the most.