What Are England’s Chances In 2014 FIFA World Cup?


english soccer fansThe 12th of June is fast approaching, and if you are a soccer fan, then you probably know why you should really anticipate that date. The 2014 FIFA World Cup, which is the 20th FIFA World Cup, would be held from June 12 to July 13, 2014. Spain is the current defending champion after it defeated Netherlands in 2010. For this upcoming World Cup, 32 countries would be given the chance to bring home the Bacon

Does England stand a chance?

For most FIFA fans in England, there is this one question that is in their mind – Does England stand a good chance for the 20th World Cup? England has already been in thirteen World Cups series. However, it was only able to win one championship in 1966 – the year when the country was the host. For this year, one can say that England fans seem to perceive that it would be a hard battle as England is thrown into a tough Group D fight.

How do players deal with the critics?

football playerIn an assessment on the extending pub hours during the tournament, a conclusion has been made – this is a conclusion wherein England would be able to win matches in the first period but not in the later matches. But in spite of the negative criticisms that England get, it is a good thing that the players seem unaffected at all. In fact, most of them have even expressed their belief in their team. Steven Gerard, who will be playing team captain, said that even if the competition is tough, there is excitement and belief within the team that they would be able to do well in their games.  Twenty-two year-old defender said that if the team play at their best, then on “any day (they) can beat any team.”

Breaking it down scientifically 

Professor Stephen Hawking, a celebrity in the world of science, attempted to break down England’s World Cup odds. Here are some of his findings:

Better wear red – Red has always been the colour of courage and bravery. Hawking believes in the psychological fact that this colour can help the England players feel more confident and more aggressive.

Hope for a cool weather – Hawking also believes that the chances of winning are higher if the weather is cool. Based on observations from past games, Team England does not do well in warm climates.

Go for a tested formation – Hawking also studied the various formations that Team England plays and he believes that the 4-3-3 is the most successful formation. It is even better than the traditional 4-4-2.

Are you excited about the World Cup since this is a hot topic in the UK right now? Let us know your thoughts, regardless whether you are a Thai national rooting for England or an England fan who loves all things football!