Thai Girlfriend Travel to the UK

If your Thai girlfriend has never been to the UK, it is a good idea for her to travel to the UK before you get married. This advice is even more important if you plan on living in the UK permanently.

Some of the problems Thai ladys face living in the UK, include

  • Feeling isolated – as a result of being away from family and friends.
  • Not fitting in – coming from such a different culture British traditions will feel align to your girlfriend – wife
  • Miss the food, Thai food is spicy and different areas of Thailand have different regional tastes, your girlfriend – wife will not be able to replace the exact tastes.
  • Cold – after living in a country where the average temperature is in the 30’s in a warm day in the UK will feel cold. No amount of central heating or jumpers will keep the cold at bay.
  • Being stared at – many Thai ladys living in the UK ad their UK husbands have to deal with people staring at them, some people even make remarks about the mixed relationship

Advice for Thai lady to visit the UK

The best advice is for a Thai lady to visit the UK on a tourist visa, spending time in the UK getting a feel for you, your family and the area where you live. Then on her return to Thailand she will have time to contemplate a new life in England.

It is not possible to marry your Thai girlfriend in the UK if she has traveled on a tourist visa