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The UK Honorary Consulate in Chiang Mai will close their doors on 16 May, 2015. British Nationals requiring income verification letters for long stay visas will now have to travel to Bangkok unless an authorized agent can obtain the letter on their behalf.

Pension Letters for UK Nationals Good news!! Key Visa Thailand has been granted authority by the British Embassy in Bangkok to do just that. For any British National needing an income verification letter from the Embassy in Bangkok the process is simple. Scan and email the required documents to [email protected].

Key Visa Thailand is located in Pattaya and has been offering this service to British Nationals since the closure of the British Consulate in Jomtien in 2012. This service can be utilized from anywhere in Thailand for an additional fee of 100 baht. We will simply obtain your letter and send it recorded post to your residence in Chiang Mai or elsewhere in Thailand. The fee can be conveniently deposited into the company bank so there is no need to travel any farther than the nearest scanner.

Weekly Pension Letter Service for British Nationals in Thailand

Key Visa provides a weekly service for obtaining pension letters from the Embassy in Bangkok. Every Wednesday morning the income letter information is taken to Bangkok and then picked up again on Friday morning, depending on holidays.

Pricing and additional details on how to provide your documents electronically are located here.

Key Visa Thailand has been offering comprehensive visa services to our clients for over thirteen years. Our reputation is sound which is why we have been entrusted by the British Embassy to obtain pension letters on behalf of our clients.

Darren McGarry is the main visa consultant and enforces a strict policy of doing business European style in the heart of Thailand. In an industry that has been scrutinized heavily especially in recent years Key Visa finds it’s policies on ethics and transparency have placed them in a position enviable by other visa companies hoping to deliver the level of service that Key Visa has been delivering for more than a decade.

Key Visa has a strict policy in place for client protection, which includes paying the professional fees for a service only when the service has been completed and not a moment before. This policy combined with a hard working staff has resulted in us being an renowned expert in our field.

We keep our website current with the latest changes to visa rules and regulations. We have no consultation fees so if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call at 038 422 131, email at [email protected] or use the contact form here