Can I get a UK work permit for my Thai girlfriend. I am on a low income and if my girlfriend could come to the UK and work, she would be able to stay longer. She has a certificate stating she is a qualified Thai masseur.

Answer UK Work Permit for Thai

UK work permits are only issued for certain jobs. These jobs are normally highly skilled and do not include being a Thai masseur.

2010 has seen the biggest shake up of UK immigration rules in nearly two decades. Changes have been made decreasing the amount of people being able to migrate to the UK from countries like Thailand.

This change to the numbers of people being able to migrate will make it even more difficult for any person to obtain a UK work permit.

All that said, I now have to give you the bad news. If you are on a low income and not able to support your Thai girlfriend while she is visiting you in the UK, a visa will not be issued.

Your Thai girlfriend will not be issued a work permit to be a Thai masseur

I suggest that you save money over the coming months. This money can be shown to at the time of the visa application to demonstrate that your girlfriend will not need British government funds.