It has now become more difficult when applying for a UK visa for your Thai partner to live in the UK or visit with the introduction of their new style online visa application process which has been introduced by the UK Foreign office.

The new online system which replaces the old online version can be very daunting and very difficult for your Thai partner or wife to complete so my advice is to get help with the visa application.

The new visa4uk online application starts with you registering the application online and then the unique number is sent to your e-mail address you then copy this to the browser which allows you to re enter the application form.

You then fill n the barrage of questions making sure the info is correct after completion you are asked to pay online there is no cash or bankers drafts anymore so using paypal or a credit card is necessary.

Once you have filled in the form and paid you then make an online appointment with the UK VFS to submit the documents, you must make sure you print off the payment sheet which is sent to your private e-mail and put with the application otherwise it will not be accepted.

So ou have an online printed application, online printed payment form, online printed appointment form and all your documents to hand in.

SOUND COMPLICATED? IT IS !!!! So make sure you use Key Visa to complete and help you with the application.

For more info e-mail [email protected]