UK Visas new online application form

As from this week just to inform you that if you are applying for a visa to the UK they have changed the design of the online visa application form on website visa4uk and my honest opinion is it is very slow and is more complicated and very difficult to use especially for the Thai National including having to set up an account with the Home Office first and then having to do the full application online and for a UK tourist visa they are now requiring long laborious information that I feel is not really required so when entering information if you do not have an agent help you then be careful when filling in the form and make sure you keep checking it and before submitting check 2-3 times, the only good positive thing is it is automatically saved now due to you having to set up an account were as the old system if your internet dropped out and it was not saved you would lose it all and have to do it again,have a look and give me your opinion?

Make sure you have all the documents to hand and ready before starting to apply for the visa and please be aware any info submitted can be given to other Government bodies within the UK, Key Visa Thailand are experts with UK visas and always happy to help