UK Visa for Thai

The UK has set rules regarding immigration and travel. Over the years people have found loop holes with the UK immigration rules, so the UK government constantly changes them. With ever changing visa rules it is difficult to know from one month to the next what is required or expected when applying for a UK Visa.

Many people living in Thailand use English as their second language, so when the British government introduce new immigration rules, it is difficult for the Thai person to understand what is expected of them. Many Thai girlfriends ask friends who have previously traveled to the UK how did they do it and what evidence did they provide at the time of the visa application.

With many visas that are issued at the British embassy Bangkok, Thai girlfriends have either used a visa company to help them with the paper work for reasons that many Thai people are not fully able to fill in the visa application form in English. (Truth be told many people that have lived in the UK all of their lives would struggle to complete the visa application successfully.), or the boyfriend from the UK helped with the visa application.

Getting a UK visa for a Thai

Getting a UK visa for a Thai is about getting evidence to suggest to the visa officer that the Thai person has good reasons to visit the UK, for visas like Settlement or marriage visas, evidence to prove that they are in a real relationship that will continue when they arrive in the UK. For a UK tourist visa the evidence will be needed to assure the visa officer that the Thai will return to the UK at the end of the visa and will not work while in the UK