The UK has an immigration policy that treats gay and heterosexual relationships equal. Giving either relationship the same rights to enter the UK, either on a short term holiday or to permanently reside,

As Thailand will do not grant civil partnerships, you will need to arrange this in the UK. You can do this by applying for a Visit Marriage Visa, when your Thai partner arrives in the UK you then arrange the Civil partnership.

However within the six month period your Thai partner will have to return to Thailand and then apply for a UK Civil partnership settlement visa. When this application is successful you will be given permission to work and live in the UK for 27 months. This is referred to as “your probationary period”.

Finally you would apply for indefinite leave to remain.

Part of the original application you must show

You both plan to live together permanently and have suitable accomidation
You both have enough money to support and adequately accommodate yourselves and any dependants without help from public funds; and
You are both at least 21 years old (or 18 years old if either of you is a serving member of HM Forces).

As in all visa application it is important that

  • The Thai national has not remained in the UK in breach of the immigration laws;
  • You and your Thai partner are not related by blood;
  • You have met your partner

Here are the steps for getting your Thai partner back to the UK to live permanently

  1. Apply for a UK Tourist Visa, visit the UK and return to Thailand
  2. Apply for a UK Visit Marriage Visa, arrange Civil partnership in the UK and then return to Thailand
  3. Apply for a UK Civil partnership settlement visa