UK Tourist visa for a Thai national

UK tourist visas for Thai nationals are majorly difficult and should not be under estimated in the difficulty and how well the documents should be presented to the British Embassy in Bangkok. UK tourist visas should be applied for by a UK visa agent like Key Visa Thailand who has 1 years of experience with dealing with Government bodies. Most people fail a UK visa due to lack of presentation and documentation which is just due to there lack of knowledge on the subject.

The Visa application should be submitted at the Visa application center (VFS) based in Bangkok the the documents are documented and sent to the British Embassy who make a decision on the visa application behind closed doors after approx 7-10 working days the UK visa documents are then sent back to the (VFS) for collection so the decision is made on the merits of the paperwork without the freedom of speech which is why it is imperative to get it presented correctly for the first time or expect a refusal of the visa.

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