UK tourist visa priority option

If you are thinking of applying for a tourist visa for your Thai partner to visit the UK then there is a faster option for you rather than awaiting the 2 weeks that is the normal waiting time and this is called the visa priority which needs to be asked for when you submit the visa application. The priority service the British Embassy Bangkok offer cost currently 5,100 Thai baht and you are guaranteed to get the visa application back to you within 3 working days of submitting the application which for some is far better than the pain staking wait of 2 weeks which for some can be a nightmare and a nail biting ordeal. We have found in some cases it is needed in emergency cases and people are happy to pay the 5,100 Thai baht to get a faster answer so when you submit the UK tourist visa application just ask for the priority option.

Please be aware this is only available for UK tourist visas and not settlement visas to the UK