Do you have a Thai Girlfriend/Fiancee that needs a Settlement Visa for the UK?

Are you too busy to apply for the visa personally and need professional help to ensure the British embassy issues the Settlement Visa on the first application?

We are a Visa company in Pattaya that can help you apply for a UK Settlement Visa

We specialise in helping Thai nationals apply and obtain settlement visa for the UK. We work closely with the British Embassy, helping you to obtain your UK Settlement visa quickly and efficiently.

If you are married to a Thai citizen or engaged to a Thai citizen with future plans of marriage and you wish to take your Thai wife or fiancee to the UK you will require a Settlement Visa.

Apply for a Uk Visa online today

The Settlement Visa will allow your Thai Partner to travel to the UK and live in the UK. The Settlement Visa will also allow for your Thai wife/fiancee to work in the UK.

UK Settlement Visa Service

  • Advise of the correct Visa for your needs
  • Talk you through the whole Visa Application process
  • Talk through the process with your Thai partner and explain any actions that they need to take or evidence needed to be given to support the UK Settlement Visa Application
  • Liase with the British Embassy helping you to obtain your Settlement Visa quickly and efficiently

Apply online now and find out if a Settlement Visa for a Thai National to travel to the UK will be issued. This is a free no obligation service. Our staff will contact you within 24 hours to inform if a visa will be issued

UK Settlement Visa Application form

Our Staff will contact you within 24 hours to inform you if a settlement visa to the UK will be issued or what you must do prior to formally applying for the Settlement Visa