UK Settlement visa waiting times

UK Settlement visas are still taking approximately 6-8 weeks and there seems to be no difference in time scales even though their is less applications being submitted for a UK settlement  visa and also the financial rules are very strict so we can only put it down to them having a strict timescale they work too and no deviation no matter is the work load is slower or more intense which I feel they do not understand the stress it can cause for applicants and their British husbands or fiancee’s and my advice currently is make sure that the visa application is absolutely perfect before you submit or you can face problems with a refusal of the visa even if you have been waiting 6-8 weeks, at Key Visa there is no financial risk and no silly money back gimmicks and using a visa agent in Pattaya like Key Visa is a good way to spend your money as putting a price on a good result should not come i to the equation you can get more information on this site or you can e-mail [email protected]