UK settlement visa for a Thai spouse

In April 2009 the process of applying for a UK settlement visa for a Thai spouse changed to online applications rather than a VAF4 application form. The waiting times for a decision on the settlement visa application have dramatically changed and this is for reasons everybody is now un sure.

When you apply on line for a UK settlement visa and you have submitted your application at the VFS Global you will be told that under no circumstances contact their office or the British Embassy before 90 days (90 working days). This is not flexible whether your Thai wife/Thai spouse has been on holiday previously or has some kind of UK Immigration history in her/his passport. This is a dramatic change from processing applications previously in approximately 3 weeks to now 90 working days we can only imagine that now due to the strict border and Immigration controls there is far more background checks being performed in the UK before a UK settlement visa for a Thai spouse will be issued but unfortunately we cannot get this verified and this is our professional opinion.

UK settlement visa for a Thai spouse

In the last 12 months there has been a large amount of changes to the UK settlement visa application forms VAF4 and there is more information needed including the sponsors National Insurance number and more firm details with regards to their income. This would lead you to believe it is due to more strict checks whether you can support your Thai wife/ Thai spouse without them being a burden to the British Government or whether the sponsor them self have recently been a burden to the British Government.

The new more strict online application is definitely more difficult to process if you or your Thai wife/Thai spouse is not computer literate The Embassy fees have been increased of April 2009. So an amalgamation of strict new application protocol and increased fees and also a strict 90 day waiting period is making a UK settlement visa application a very frustrating and expensive experience.

Imagine being refused the UK settlement visa after waiting 90 days because you did not understand what is required while making the application. Get professional help with the application – you could be heading for all sorts of frustrating problems if you do not get professional help.