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UK Settlement Residence Cards

UK settlement residence cards have now been introduced by the UKVI as a more up to date way of keeping track of overseas migrants coming to the UK to live or marry with their UK partners.

You are asking “what is a UK residence card?” these new cards have been introduced in the UK from the start of May 2015 and overtake the previous settlement visa given by the Embassy which had a validity for 2 years and 9 months, when a UK settlement visa is now issued in Bangkok it is only issued with a one month validity period so your Thai partner must enter the United Kingdom within the one month from the start date of the visa and also within 10 days of their arrival go to the designated post office to collect their already issued and printed residence card.

As most are aware all UK visa applications are now done online through the visa4uk website which is a more efficient and a better system all round. When you start the online procedure for the UK settlement visa one of the key questions asked is the sponsors address in the UK the visa4uk program will then automatically locate the nearest card issuing location to your home and adds the post office address to the visa application, very clever.

At Key Visa we do all the online work for clients which can be very daunting and wemake sure the visa application is completed and the Post office address selected in a professional manner.

When a UK settlement visa is given you are now issued with a guidance note attached to the passport which gives the address of the post office your partner must attend within 10 days and the rules and regulations you must adhere too with the one month settlement visa.

You don’t have to worry the visa is still for 2 years and 9 months and they have replaced the sticky visa in the passport now with a smart card which has all your partners details on the pin which of course makes it easier for the UK Immigration and Police to verify who the foreign National is and where they come from and who their sponsor is so your Thai partner should carry their card at all times whenever possible.

We truly hope the above information helps and we at Key Visa have 15 years experience in obtaining UK settlement visas with faultless accuracy and priceless experience so why go elsewhere.

For a UK Settlement visa and all associated costs at very competitive rates and no hidden agenda can you please contact us at [email protected] or call our office in Thailand on 038 422131

My name is Mr. Darren McGarry and I am the owner and the main visa consultant of Key Visa Company.

I have given you my procedures and inclusive costings for the UK Settlement Residence Cards application and you will see there is no financial risk and that the fee is reasonable.

I find that when the visa has been awarded most clients feel they are happy to have paid a professional company to obtain and present the visa application to get it correct first time.

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UK Settlement Residence Cards

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