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UK Settlement Financial Requirement

If you wish to get a refusal on a settlement visa to the UK then attempt it yourself without professional help and you can be more than likely guaranteed to make a mistake on the financial requirements that have to be shown and proved for a UK settlement visa to be granted. The financial requirement was introduced to the visa application in June 2012 and since it made its debut it has become increasingly more difficult, but easier for us to understand as visa consultants.

The reason the financial requirement was introduced was because previously there was no control or no way of checking if the details submitted on the visa application form were correct it was normally taken at face value and if you was working employed or self employed or receiving an income in the UK then this was normally fine.

Not anymore, the new stringent income rules set out by the UKVI is plainly clear you have to prove on paper which is checked and double checked that you can take care of your Thai partner for the duration of their life in the UK without them being a burden to the British Government.

Why Use Key Visa Company?

Simply because we have 15 years of knowledge, not just with the new financial rules but also how to present it to the British Embassy visa officers; which has taken years to master. This includes presenting a water tight package and attempting it alone could be a costly disaster.

Even if you meet the income threshold it does not mean you will get it processed correctly so let Key Visa do the work.

What application forms should I be using

If you do not know then you should not be attempting the visa application by yourself. It is common knowledge to visa consultants that the main visa application is presented online and paid for at the time of booking an appointment. Attached to this online form you should present the financial appendix which gives the UKVI the correct information on your finances and how you can prove the financial threshold to help obtain your Thai spouse a UK visa. There are different appendix forms depending on the circumstances so getting it correct is the only option.

What are the Financial Requirements?

Employment full time: proving that you have been employed for 6 months or more in the UK and that your salary averages out to exceed the £18,600 before tax is taken. You will need to show salary slips and bank statements.

Returning UK resident: Lets say you have been employed in Thailand and you will be returning back to the UK to settle. You can show you have been earning more than the £18,600 gross whilst overseas and when you return you have a job offer in writing which exceeds the financial requirements.
This should satisfy the UKVI.

Self Employed: Like a lot of clients you are self-employed in the UK for at least 12 months minimum and you can provide your accounts for the last 12 months or it can be taken as an average income over the last 2 years, this will meet the financial requirements.

Savings: You can show £62,500 in savings which have been in a bank account under your control for six months without the balance dropping below the required amount.

Pension income: You have combined pensions including state and private pensions which will exceed the financial threshold of £18,600 gross.

What if I am not employed?

  • Rental income if can be prove legitimate
  • Interest payments on savings and bonds
  • Maternity payments
  • Carers Allowance

I am on disability benefit – are there any exceptions?

  • Disability living allowance
  • Severe Disability
  • Industrial Injuries
  • War Pension

The above are examples of what can be taken in to consideration if the documentation is available and presented correctly so please check with the Key Visa staff to see if you as the sponsor meet the financial threshold set out by the UKVI.

You must be aware that showing the financial threshold alone will not successfully guarantee that your visa will be issued you must supply a multitude of other documents including accommodation, relationship evidence that will give the clearing officer a reason to say yes and not the dreaded NO, so getting it correct as a package is imperative and that’s why our trained consultants will be able to guide you in the correct direction and also make sure the documentation is sufficient to ensure that the visa is issued.

We have 14 years experience in obtaining UK settlement visas with faultless accuracy and priceless experience so why go elsewhere?

For a to apply for a visa or get further information on our service and all associated costs at very competitive rates and no hidden agenda can you please contact us at [email protected] or call our office in Thailand on 038 422 131 or use the contact form below to ask us a question.

My name is Mr. Darren McGarry and I am the owner and the main visa consultant of Key Visa Company.

I have given you my procedures and inclusive costings for the UK Settlement Financial Requirement application and you will see there is no financial risk and that the fee is reasonable.

I find that when the visa has been awarded most clients feel they are happy to have paid a professional company to obtain and present the visa application to get it correct first time.

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UK Settlement Visa Financial Requirements

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