This is the one of the most frequently asked questions a client will ask after they are married in the UK on a fiancée visa. I have tried to explain in layman terms below to make it as easy as possible, including supplying guidance notes and the application form that has to be completed when you are applying for your new wife to stay in the UK after you are married.

As from the 9thJuly 2012 the Immigration rules have got more difficult as financial requirements have got more difficult, so make sure you keep a copy of all the financial details you supply for your original application for the visa i.e. financial accounts, tax returns, letter from your employer, salary slips, and P60’S for 2 years depending on your circumstances. It is also important to make sure your bank account is in a healthy position.

Unfortunately most visa companies will not tell you all this as they are concerned you will not go through with the application, but let’s give them time, the new rules have only came in to effect on the 9thJuly 2012 but if you do visit a visa company for a fiancée visa see if they explain this to you or not?

What to do after marriage

  • Firstly, don’t leave your marriage until the last minute. Try and get married as soon as you can so it gives you time then within the 6 months time span of the visa to get your application for the extension to the Home Office. Keep a copy of all the financial documents you originally sent for the visa application as you will need to show them again and it saves you digging them all up at a later date.
  • The first thing to do when you have time is to download the application form and the guidance notes on how to fill in the form which is given on the UK Home Office Website. You can either send to the Home Office a paper application form filled in, or you can do it online. I have given you the current link below.

  • Please note the form you shall be filling in is the new style form which was introduced from the 9thJuly 2012 and is the FLR(M) which stands for further leave to remain and now incorporates financial information just showing that you can support your wife as you did in the original visa application.


When you have filled in the form online or paper and supplied the documents required and your marriage certificate then send your details to address on the guidance notes and application form and wait for the paperwork and extension to come back from the Home Office.

  • Please note you must have your application to the Home Office before the finish date of the visa. If the decision waiting time goes over the finish date of your partner’s visa, which it probably will as they have backlogs, then do not worry as this is normal and your partner is allowed to stay in the UK until the decision is made. Make sure when you send the documents send via a carrier i.e. DHL so you can prove if needed when the documents were sent and delivered.