UK Entry clearance Visa for Thais

A Thai national will need a UK entry clearance visa before travelling to the UK. At the time of writing, there are four different entry clearance visas that can be applied for and issued to allow travel into the UK.

UK Visa for visa nationals – This will be for most Thai nationals
Entry certificate that is granted to non visa nationals
EEA permit which is granted to family members of EEA countries
Exempt Vignette that is granted to diplomats

Thai nationals are classed as visa nationals, therefore will need an entry clearance to visit the UK. In simple terms an entry clearance is simply a Visa. Other names used for visas suitable for Thais are

  • Tourist Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Marriage Visa
  • Settlement Visa
  • Fiancee Visa

UK entry clearance visa

Thai nationals must apply in Bangkok for a UK entry clearance visa. They cannot apply at any other embassy. If they are in the UK and there visa is about to expire, they must return to Thailand to reapply. The exception to this rule is when they are in the uk on a marriage – settlement visa and the two years is about to expire. In this situation, the extension can only be applied for in the UK.

UK Entry Clearance Visa made Simple

For most Thai nationals visiting the UK there will be one of three visas that you can apply for.

  • For a holiday – Tourist Visa (Visitor Visa)
  • If you are married and they plan on living in the UK – a Settlement visa (Marriage Visa)
  • If you plan on marrying in the UK – A fiancee Visa