Tourist visa UK and facial changes


It must be known that when you have applied for a UK tourist visa or a UK fiancee visa or UK settlement visa if you have been issued with the visa to travel to the UK then you must refrain from any facial changes including plastic surgery or tattoos or change of hair color until you have entered the UK and the reason is the visas issued from the British Embassy are bio metric and have your photo on the visa and if you look different for any reason you may find the airline will not allow you to fly to the UK.

The visas are bio metric so your fingerprints will match and your eye recognition at the UK Immigration but if you do not look the same as the UK visa then there is a good chance then you cannot fly to the UK and I have seen this from experience.

UK tourist visa / UK holiday visa- UK Fiancee visa- UK Settlement visa you should not change your appearance until you have been allowed on the plane and to them it is due to security as they cannot finger print you in Bangkok only the UK.