Thailand is studded with incredible historical and cultural sites which makes it a popular tourist destination in Asia. The Land of Smiles is also known for its crystal blue beaches, affordable beach front bungalows, great food, thick jungles and top luxury hotels in the world. What’s more, the locals are very friendly and they often help tourists feel welcome in the country.

If you love nature, make the most of a 6-month tourist visa and visit some of the most scenic locations in Thailand. Well, if you are having a problem with narrowing things down, we have compiled some of the top scenic attractions you can visit when in Thailand.

Prasat Hin Phimai

Praat Hin Phimai contains the famous Khmer ruins which was part of the Khmer empire. The ruins feature temples which are believed to be built during the 11th and 12th century. The ruins also hold a Mahayana Buddhist temple which features carvings of many Hindu deities.  The Khmer temple ruins have a lot of similarities with those found at Angkor. This tourist attraction will give you an excellent glimpse into the religious beliefs of Thailand people in the olden times.

Similan Islands

Similan Islands are located in Southern Thailand on the coast of Phang Nga Province. The islands are made up of two far-flung islands and nine primary ones. Every year, this location is flooded with tourists who come to visit the perfect beaches in the area. The waters surrounding the islands have unique underwater formations which attract geologists from all over the world who come to study the rocks. The coast also has gorgeous coral reefs which are naturally great sites for diving. Professional divers will especially enjoy diving at the Elephant Head Rock and East of Eden.


Railay, also known as Rai Leh, is located in the Krabi Province. This is one of the few destinations in Thailand with incredible rock formations. The formations are mostly used by both the locals and tourists for rock climbing activities. Railay is only accessible by boat since it is found at the coast of the Andaman Sea. The area is not only popular for its many rock-climbing routes, but it is also known as a treasure trove of stunning beaches. For those who love adventure, there are a series of caves to explore.

Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park is located in northern Thailand, featuring ruins of Sukhothai which was a capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom. The Sukhothai kingdom dates back to the 13th and 14th century and it was one of the kingdoms that helped to preserve Thailand’s culture for centuries. Sukhothai in Thai means “Dawn of Happiness” and it reflects the kingdom’s prosperity, beautiful scenery and attractions.  The ruins in Sukhothai Historical Park include the royal palace and 26 temples. If you cannot travel to Sukhothai, you can also learn more about Sukhothai’s culture at the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum too.

Erawan Falls

Erawan Falls is located in the Erawan National Park found in Western Thailand. The seven-tiered falls resemble Erawan, the three-headed white elephant from a popular Hindu myth, where the waterfalls get their name from. The waterfalls are also known to be a bustling home to monitor lizards and macaques. Erawan Falls is open every day of the week and particularly busy at the weekends.

Mu Koh Ang Thong

Mu Koh Ang Thong is a Thai phrase which means “Bowl of Gold”. This national park consists of 42 islands. The park’s headquarter is located in Koh Wua Talap which allows easy access and short routes to all the islands. The area also has bizarre rock formations and beautiful scenery which allows visitors to marvel at nature’s creation. Those who love the ocean also have the chance to visit the beautiful white sandy beaches and enjoy shallow coral gardens. There are several affordable bungalows where visitors canvel stay at too.

Phanom Rung

Meant to represent Mount Kailash, Phanom Rung is a Hindu temple which sits on an extinct volcano located in north-eastern Thailand. The temple is a popular tourist attraction due to its outstanding architecture. The temple is believed to have been built between the 10th and 13th century by the Khmer community. The building was constructed using laterite and sandstone and housed the Hindu’s popular god Shiva.

To be able to fully appreciate all the beautiful scenic locations in Thailand, you definitely need enough time in the kingdom to travel. The standard tourist’s visa unfortunately does not allow one enough time to enjoy the best of Thailand’s scenic attractions. If you want to have more time in Thailand to go on different scenic adventures, you can contact a Thai visa application company to help you with applying for the right visa or extend your visa through a visa run.