Top Reasons Why People In The UK Love Prince William And Duchess Kate

Prince William And Duchess KateThose with royal blood in the UK are pretty much treated as celebrities. And two of the UK royal bloods who are very popular among the citizens are Prince William and Duchess Kate. The wedding was attended by 1,900 people from all walks of life. Also interesting is that the ceremony was broadcasted in more than 180 countries all over the world reaching millions of people. Here are the reasons why the Prince and the Duchess are loved by so many people around the world.

They will be the future king and queen – William and Kate are very popular because of their roles in the British monarchy. Prince William is the son of Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, and is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, the current ceremonial head of state in the UK. So technically, William and Kate will soon be King and Queen of the UK.

They have a cute and romantic story – Who says that stories of princes falling in love with commoners only exist in fairy tales? When Prince William attended the University of St. Andrews, he met the beautiful Kate Middleton. It was hard keeping a steady and private relationship with all the paparazzi at wait. But they were able to manage.  Well, love definitely does conquer all.

They really look good together – They are two picture-perfect couple who really look good at all angles.  Kate is always being praised for her beautiful eyes and great teeth. Her beauty makes her definitely fit for a prince. Being the monarchs that they are, their wardrobes always standout no matter where they go. In fact, Kate is no stranger to top best-dressed lists.

It is evident they love each other – People nowadays are no stranger to stories of couples who do not rally each other. Prince William And Duchess KateThe same is not true for William and Kate.They lovely glances at each other only prove how they really love each other. William supports the popularity of his wife while Kate is supportive with the duties of her husband. And look!

They have a baby!

They hold important patronages – A lot of people love William and Kate also because they hold a lot of patronages. For their wedding, they set up a fund that supports various charities and they encouraged their guests to donate to those charities instead of spending on wedding gifts. The Art Room, The Natural History Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery are also associated to them.

Prince William and Duchess Kate are definitely among the top reasons why people living in the United Kingdom love the royal family. If you are a new Thai immigrant in the UK, get accustomed to the royal family culture or if you are a Thai tourist, make sure you visit points of attractions in the UK that are associated with the royal family to understand what the hype is about!