As an expat, healthcare is one of the important factors that you need to consider when planning your Thai retirement. In Chiang Mai, you are assured of world-class healthcare at affordable prices. Find out about some of the top-notch healthcare facilities available in Chiang Mai for Thai expats now!

Chiang Mai is one of the most popular locations for foreigners who want to retire in Thailand. Blessed with great weather and stunning mountain topography, Chiang Mai is a great location for you to enjoy your golden years surrounded by nature and explore the best that Thailand has to offer. If you are looking to settle in Chiang Mai, one of your first primary concerns will be the healthcare industry and standards in Chiang Mai.
As you grow older, the need for first-class healthcare within easy reach becomes immensely important. You want to know that you can access good healthcare whenever you need it. In Chiang Mai, there are several world class healthcare facilities that you can consider, including the following options:

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

This is a large private hospital chain in Thailand that has many hospital facilities throughout the country. Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai serves both local and expats living in Chiang Mai. This hospital has a wide range of specialist clinics such as Oncology Clinic, Cosmetics Surgery Clinic among many others. Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai has won several awards and is accredited by the Joint Commission International, which acts as a standard for top-level healthcare services outside of the United States.

With top-quality international-standard medical care leading by 5 Centers of Excellence, Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai has a wide range of specialist clinics:

– The Heart Center of Excellence: Trained in the top medical school worldwide, our skillful Cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and specialists are highly qualified and well-known in the Northern region. Affiliations with the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, our comprehensive diagnosis, treatments and ancillary services cover hypertension care, Cath Lab, Balloon Angioplasty, ACS Pathway, especially cardiovascular surgeries. The center connects with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and many international institutions in accordance with international standards development.

– The Oncology Center of Excellence: From screening to recovery, our world-class Oncologists work with the multidisciplinary team: hematologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, oncology nurses, and cancer support staff to provide the highest quality of patient-focused care based on the ‘Tumor Board Conference’

– The Neuro Science Center of Excellence: The Neurology Center is staffed with a multidisciplinary team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation therapists, nurses, nutritionists, mental therapists, and expert doctors specializing in neurological diseases using the latest medical procedures and equipment. Our clinical services: Stroke Pathway, Alzheimer and dementia care, Sleep lab and snoring care, Headache and Office Syndrome clinic, etc.

– The Orthopedic Center of Excellence: Our Spine Unite and sports medicine provide the uniqueness of a multidisciplinary team of Orthopedic, Neuroscience, and Rehabilitation. The center also specializes on hip and knee surgery as well as other minimal invasive surgeries. – The Trauma Center of Excellence: our ‘Sky ICU’ service connected with The BDMS Emergency Services throughout Thailand and neighboring countries. The 24/7 emergency and trauma response teams provide prompt treatment for those in critical condition and tourists — accredited by DUAL ACCREDITATION: CAMTS and CAMTS EU.

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital

This is an award-winning group of hospitals with world-class facilities and doctors. The hospitals are in multiple locations in Chiang Mai, making access easy for you. The facilities are similar to a hotel, which means that the food and accommodation facilities are fairly good. All members of staff speak some level of English, which means you are able to communicate easily, and certainly won’t need to work with a translator. Prices in Ram 1 hospital are inevitable higher than some of the other hospitals in Chiang Mai but you do get service and treatment that is commensurate to what you are paying for.  

Sriphat Hospital

Sriphat is one of the most popular hospitals with expats living in Chiang Mai for a good reason. Established by the Chiang Mai University, this hospital offers excellent medical services at very affordable prices. With over 200 physicians, consultants and specialists, Sriphat Hospital is able to cut down on waiting time and patients can expect to be seen by a doctor within minutes of entering the hospital even if they went in without an appointment. The hospital has a 24-hour ambulance service and was one of the officially recommended hospitals during the 15th ASEAN University Games in 2010.  

Lanna Hospital

This is a slightly better priced private hospital in Chiang Mai and offers fairly good health services. The hospital is particularly good with obstetrics and gynecological services. Most doctors and other staff speak English. Lanna Hospital also offers airlift facilities to patients to other hospitals in Thailand, should the need arise to transfer a patient for more specialized services.  

Rajavej Hospital

This is another private hospital that, according to their website, serves at least 200,000 patients annually. The hospital has over 40 physicians, specialists and consultants and serves a cross section of patients including expatriates, local Thai citizens and other foreigners from other countries. Rajavej Hospital has state of the art diagnostics facilities as you would have expected in any world-class hospital setting.  

McCormick Hospital

This is an ISO certified hospital that operates on Christian ethos, and serves over 20,000 in-patients annually. Set up by American Presbyterian missionaries in 1888, the hospital is a great choice for the retirees looking for treatment in a hospital with strong Christian ties and values. The hospital has a fully equipped emergency wing that is open 24 hours, and staffed with well-trained physicians and staff.  

Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital

The Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital is a public hospital that is well known for treating neurological and brain related problem including victims of strokes. The hospital has a 240-bed capacity and often acts as a referral center for patients from other hospitals suffering from neurological related problems. The hospital also acts as research center and many students studying neurology and related specialist courses come to intern at the Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital. As you can see, in Chiang Mai, you have a wide range of health care amenities to choose from. Chiang Mai (and Thailand in general) is relatively cheaper to live in than in western countries. This means that even if the hospitals indicated here as higher priced, you would still find that their prices are significantly cheaper than their equivalents in the west. What this means for you is that you are assured of world-class healthcare at a fraction of what you would pay in the west – which is just one of the many things that make the Land of Smiles such a lovely place to spend your retirement years!

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