Nothing documents one’s travel abroad better than a souvenir or souvenirs that exemplify the region or nation to which you have travelled. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a snow dome, teaspoon or a shot glass with the words Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Pattaya Beach or Disneyland emblazoned across it, you’ll have no physical proof that you were there except maybe an empty wallet unless you bring one back. Therefore no one goes to Thailand without coming home with a souvenir in the form of an elephant or returns from Paris without a two or three dimensional replica of the Eifel Tower. So exactly what sort of souvenirs would be best to inspire jealousy in both friends and family from your planned holiday in Australia?

    • Koalas and Kangaroos


      At the top of the list would have to be these two members of the marsupial family. No matter whom you are, when you think of the Land Down Under, an image of one or both of these two iconic critters immediately springs to mind.


  • Aboriginal Art

    The colourful patterns comprised of squiggles, dots and lines that turn into beautiful renderings of crocodiles, goannas and other indigenous wildlife or stunning representations of Aboriginal lore or sacred sites have been a perennial favourite of travellers and tourists alike.

  • Cork Fly Hats

    Huh? You know, the Aussie hats with a veil of bottle corks hanging from strings tied to the hats brim that sway about in front of your visage. Although they sound and look silly, they really are quite effective at keeping airborne pests like flies away from your face while you’re out in the Australian outback. Maybe they’re not for everybody, but they are definitely Australian and they do make a great souvenir


  • Vegimite

    Vegimite is the quintessential Australian condiment. Similar to Marmite from the United Kingdom, Vegimite is, ah, how shall I say … an acquired taste. You can interpret that as meaning that you will either love or you’ll hate it. Regardless it’s a superb souvenir from Oz because it lasts forever. It won’t go bad, and you’ll literally be bringing back a little “taste’ of Australia to where ever you came from.

  • Australian Road Signs


    Where else but in Australia can you find road signs warning you that you may encounter the likes of wombats, koalas, kangaroos, camels, dingoes and gators for the next however many kilometers. Well, the answer to that is nowhere. That’s exactly why reproductions of these signs are so popular with tourists from abroad.