There are many reasons why a Thai student may feel a yearning to study in another country. Each student will have their own desired country to study in and their own reasons for wanting to do so.
Many Thai students, however, would like to study in the United Kingdom. This page explores the top five reasons for them choosing to do so.

To Learn the English Language Properly

The level of English language education in Thailand has increased greatly in recent years. Indeed many schools now only employ native speaking English teachers to teach the language. That said there is no substitute for being submerged in the language 24 hours a day, if you want to learn it properly.

Whilst students have 5 countries to choose from should they desire to live in a native English speaking country, many want to live and study in the country that invented the language. This is probably the main reason for Thai students to come to study in the U.K.

Excellent Level of Education

Whilst the British education system often takes a bashing in the British media it is, when all’s said and done, one of the best education systems in the world. We only have to look at the academic brains that have travelled through the U.K.’s universities to know that the education system works very well. To put it quite simply, a student studying in a government school in the United Kingdom is more likely to receive a higher quality of education than one studying in Thailand.

Experience British culture

British culture is fascinating to teenagers from all over the world. Our passion for football, music, fashion and the arts is unrivalled, and many students would love to experience this first hand. Any student studying in the U.K. for any length of time is likely to come back to Thailand more experienced in a western culture and therefore more open to westernised points of view.


If a Thai student wants to study in any English speaking country, but also has an interest in history then, there is only one obvious choice. The United Kingdom has a rich and varied history stretching back thousands of years before white men even set foot on American soil. The U.K.’s many cathedrals and ancient relics are amazing to foreign visitors and U.K. nationals alike.

To make them appreciate Thailand!

Any student studying in the U.K. for a length of time will certainly begin to appreciate the benefits that their own country holds. Whilst we do have beautiful beaches in the United Kingdom we seldom have the weather to enjoy them. Also the friendly and laid back way of life in Thailand is not really the same in most parts of the U.K.

I think that it is fair to say that whilst Thai students may enjoy studying in the United Kingdom for a short spell of time, most will enjoy coming home to Thailand.